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Danny Baci Thailand Blog

My name is Danny Baci of DBaci Fight Media formally known as D-BaucheryFilms.com, this will be my new officialpage & blog page.

About Me:

I have been living in Thailand now on and off for 5 years, about 2 years solid training Muay Thai and playing around with Videography and video editing for fun but that fun is now my career.

I first came to Thailand to learn Muay Thai in late 2006, back then I was into boxing, BJJ, and MMA, but as soon as I came to Thailand and trained Muay Thai I got HOOKED to the sport like a drug and never really took MMA/BJJ seriously again though I went on and trained no-gi BJJ & MMA and got to a blue belt level under Seth Silva while back in the states.

I just fell inlove with the sport of Muay Thai, Thailand, its people, food, and culture. So I returned every year for 3-4 months to learn Muay Thai at Tiger Muay Thai, Fairtex, Sityodtong, and few random gyms in Bangkok. Ever since I was a child I always had dreams of being a fighter, a champion but not to make excuses, I suffered a life long bad back injury and let $$ and other things in life get in the way of this dream. Though I have had a pro Thaiboxing fight and plan to have atleast 4-5 more before I hang up the gloves but at my age and my life situation I dont see myself going after any big belts anymore. I get enough joy helping and training with other fighters that are young and still have that fire in their eyes.

I found a new passion in life and thats helping other fighters live their dreams as I produce fight media for all skill level fighters and non-fighters, I get to live a bit of my dreams vicariously through them. I take great pride in my videography & photography, so much so that it has become my career and im learning and improving everyday!...

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Future Lumpinee Champion

Posted by Danny Baci on July 26, 2011 at 8:39 AM Comments comments (0)

The young Thai fighters have always amazed me, so normal outside of fighting/training they act like a any young kid would....

But when you see these young kids fight its like a complety different human, fire in their eyes as they tear apart their opponents with technique, heart, and brutial attacks. I'v had the pleasure watching this young Thai fighter grow up at the gym and start to climb his way to the top. Search "Nonkok" "kok" "Yodbuaphet" and "Yodnamphet" on youtube to watch mpre of this kid kick ass and take names!...

Dorian Price - My heart will always be in Muay Thai

Posted by Danny Baci on June 19, 2011 at 12:33 AM Comments comments (0)

Dorian Price is a new Tiger Muay Thai sponsored Muay Thai fighter who will be fighting at a 4-man tournament scheduled for the WCK Muay Thai's "Matter of Pride" event in the Philippines.


Dorian Price, a Muay Thai, UFC veteran and a member of the Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season 6, states in this interview that his heart has been and always will be in the sport of Muay Thai having no interest in returning to MMA.

In my personal opinion of Dorian after observing him train and getting to know him as a person, I will say he has all the right tools to be champion with a great attitude to go with it. A very humble, friendly, and classy guy, everything you'd expect out of a professional fighter. No ego here, I see great things for Dorian Price here @ Tiger Muay Thai, live like a Thai, train like a Thai, = Fight like a Thai!, the ONLY way to be a true Muay Thai Champion. Chok-dee (good luck)

MMA Fantasy Camp at TMT

Posted by Danny Baci on June 9, 2011 at 2:37 AM Comments comments (0)

WoW what a allstar group of fighters we had at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp here in Phuket, Thailand these past few months!.....

With our MMA program becoming stronger then ever with UFC vets & BJJ Black Belts coming in and out every month and our Muay Thai program being the best on the Island with our new Muay Thai fight team and top Thai fighters (not trainers) helping improve our farang fighters skills for higher level fights, I dont see TMT stock taking a dip any time soon in fact if I was a banker I'd invest in shares.

So check this out

On June 6th TMT help a 4 hour MMA Fantasy Camp featuring:

Former WEC Fighter Muhsin Corbbrey. Covering Boxing with an emphasis on MMA. Corbbrey is a former WEC fighter and Elite XC veteran. In his last professional Bout, Corbbrey was victorious in the Martial Combat promotion—an event showcased on ESPN STAR Sports in 24 countries to a broadcast of over 310 million homes. Known for his natural head movement, Corbbrey has competed in professional boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai and is considered one of the top 155lbs strikers in the world, the Lloyd Irvine Purple Belt has trained for his DRAW fight against Oz top LW fighter Adrian Pang.

WEC vet and former UFC fighter Brodie Farber will be showing wrestling for MMA. Brodie Farber is a veteran of over 20 professional MMA bouts and currently holds the rank of Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Having trained in Southern California, he has had the opportunity to experience MMA training at a professional level. This former Rage In The Cage Champion has nearly 10 years of Professional MMA experience.

Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Steve Gable will cover BJJ for MMA. Currently he is 5-1 as a professional. The Elite XC Veteran is one of the top 155lbers not currently signed to a ‘Major’ promotion. He has been out here training for a ‘rumored’ bout on HD Net. Gable is currently training at Reign MMA and gets an opportunity to train with many of the MMA Stars training between that facility and King’s Training Facility.

My Tiger Muay Thai family since Jan 2007

Posted by Danny Baci on April 29, 2011 at 11:57 AM Comments comments (1)

AAHHHHH stars in my eyes!!..... I remember it like it was yesterday, the feeling of being on a Muay Thai holiday with nothing in mind but train, train, and travel. This was before Tiger Muay Thai was the biggest gym in Phuket, only a couple rings, 10-15 trainers, everything surrounded by  the jungle and the ONLY place to meet with friends and eat was MOMMAZ.

2008 was my 2nd trip out to Thailand, everything was still so new, (LOL I was still young) everyday was a holiday, a special day, I'd wake up to the Roosters yelling at me, the little lizards making that annoying noise and the Burmeese cleaning staff sweeping outside my bungalow with their wooden brooms. Everyday at Tiger was a special one, I would arrive at the camp and all the trainers would yell "Tigerrrrr", the training was FAR from soft-core the insane 3 hour training sessions were intense, the trainers were always there yelling at you pushing your body, mind and man hood to the limit.

Looking back at everything, the good, the bad, the ugly and the few near death experiences I had makes me think "what if I never took that step to come to Thailand to train Muay Thai", where would I be?. Look where I am now!, I cant beleive it, im now living here in Phuket married to Muay Thai and a beautiful Thai wife.

To all the great people I have met, became good friends with, some I see here yearly, some I exchange emails with a few times a year and some I lose contact with, thats the sad part about living out here your friends come and go all 2 often. But to the ones I may never see again, I will never forget the times we had and you have made a permanent mark in my life.

Durning my 2nd stay at Tiger I decided to document all my experiences with blog videos and highlight reels, using nothing but my little picture camera and window movie maker, thats how it ALL started. I would return home with post Thailand depression and I would look at all my vidoes and pictures everyday till I would return to the land of smiles :).. Then came the "IDEA" of Capture the Moment - D-Bauchery Films

Training Muay Thai with the Watcharachai Kaewsamrit

Posted by Danny Baci on April 22, 2011 at 11:04 AM Comments comments (0)

Well after many failed attempts at training Muay Thai full time during groups sessions I decided to make a change even if its not the best idea $$ wise. Because of my hectic working schedule I found it imposible to make it to every 4pm group session so I made the choice to train 2-3 private lessons a week with World Class Fighter/trainer Watcharachai Kaewsamrit.

I will also start to train a min 2-3 group sessions a week aswell  to fill in the gaps, I cant stress enough how important training in the grueling 2hr group training classes are, private training lessons are GREAT for technique but in order to fight like a Thai you have to train like one. Clinching, sparring, bag work,pad work, 10-15 min of jump rope, 200-500 sit ups, 100-200 push ups etc etc., you cant get all that in a 1 hour private training session but I think mixing it up is the best choice for me.

I've had many different steady trainers in the past ALL great in there own way but they all also have different styles of Muay Thai fighting, and training. Every trainer will tell me no stand like this, kick like this, move like this, all I can do is say ok and listen but I take whats best from each trainer as they have so much to offer and use the techniques that work best for me.

Tiger Muay Thai's newest trainer is 31 year old Watcharachai Kaewsamrit who is a superstar fighter and trainer from the world famous Kaewsamrit Gym, He is a veteran of over 220 fights with an approximate record of 180 wins and only 40 losses. Capturing the Thailand Muay Thai championship at 122lbs, he is a former WMC champion. Capturing the Thailand Muay Thai championship at 122lbs, he is a former WMC champion (118lbs) and was the 126lbs Rajadamnern stadium champion. In 2000 Watcharachai was named Thailand Fighter of the year and Rajadamnern stadium fighter of the year by the Thailand Sports Authority. As a trainer Watcharachai is very experienced. Traveling internationally he has spent 1 year in England, 3 month sin Germany, and 3 months in Spain.

This guy is the REAL DEAL and I chose him to be my new full time trainer, he has a very different style then ANY other trainer I have worked for in the past. Kru Wat is a great defensive fighter and emphasizes almost every thing on balance, foot work, and fighting smart where most of my other trainers use the move forward, punch, kick, knee, forward, side step. That style is great and super agressive but its nice to learn how to fight moving backwards (getting attacked) and using my foot work to dance around the ring and counter attack. I can say in the short amount of time I have been working with him I see huge improvements in my balance, my kicks are faster, stronger and after every strike everything snaps back to my fight stance rather then stumbling around. I hope to be able to keep up with this training schedule, get stronge again and step back in the ring by low sesson. :).. here is a profile video of Watcharachai Kaewsamrit (I will later post a sparring video of him and I where I get my arse kicked by a 5'7" 63kg guy for 15min)

Songkran 2011.. Lets get wet!!!!

Posted by Danny Baci on April 13, 2011 at 9:59 PM Comments comments (0)


  The  Songkran  Festival  is  one  of  the  most  important  feasts  that  has  been performed not o­nly in Thailand but  also in other countries (Laos, Cambodia, etc.) for a long time. It is also known as Thai Traditional New Year  Day  which  falls  on April 13 – 15  in  a  year. It  is  the  great  opportunity  for  merit-making  and  a  special time for Thai  people to have fun, traditional music, dance, games, and other activities in the pastime.


The  Meaning  Of  Songkran  Festival


            The  term  Songkran  means The  festival  celebrated  on  the  day  of  passage of  the  sun  to  Aries, the  first  sign  of  the Zodiac1. It  means  that  on  Songkran  Day  the  sun  enter  the  sign  of  Aires. Its  full  name  is  called  Maha Songkran which  means  the  great  Songkran.


The  Origins  Of  Songkran  Festival


            There  was  an  interesting  Thai  folk  story  connected  with  the  Songkran  Day. It tells  now  there  once  lived  in  a  certain  village  a  extraordinary  boy  by  the  name  of  Dhanapala. He  was  born into  a  very rich  family, and  was  extremely  intelligent and  kindhearted. He  even  knew  the  languages  of  animals  and  could  understand  the  humming  of  bees  and  the  songs  of  the  birds. People  had  great  respect  for  him  and  his  fame  spread  far  and  wide  until  it  finally  reached  the   ears  of  a  rather  strange  but  powerful  God. This  was  Kapila  Brahma, the  god  with  the  four  faces, who  could  see  four  directions  all at  once. Kapila  was  a  conceited  god. He  could  not  bear  to  think  that  there  was  anyone  so  intelligent  and  kind  as  to  command  the  respect  of  so  many  people. He  felt  that  people  had  begun  to  place  more  faith  in  Dhanapala  than  in  himself. This  he  did  not  like  and  would  not  tolerate. o­ne  day  he  came  down  from  heaven  and  challenged  Dhanapala  to  answer  three  questions: “ Where  is  the  person’s  glow  in  the  morning ? Where  is  it  at  midday ? Where  is  it  in  the  evening ? ” The  stakes  were  high: if  the  boy  could  answer  the  questions, Kapila  would  offer  his  own  head  to  him; if  he  could  not, then he  would  have  to  give his  head to Kapila as a trophy for  his  triumph. Dhanapala  accepted  the  challenge  and  promised  to  find  the  answers in  seven  days. Six  days  passed  by  and  Dhanapala  could  find  on  answers, but  he  was  helped  by  some sympathetic deities, who  transformed  themselves  into  eagles  and  discussed  the answers to the riddles within earshot of Dhanapala. By listening to their conversation, Dhanapala  discovered   the  answers  to  Kapila’s  riddles. The  answer  is  that  in  the  morning  a  person’s  glow  is  in  the  face, because  people  always  wash  their  faces  in  the  morning  to  greet  a  day. During  the  day, when  the  weather  is  hot, people  bathe  themselves, splashing  water  over  the  chest, so  at  midday  the  glow  is  in  the  chest. In  the  evening, coming  home  from  work, the  wash  their  feet  before  going  up  into  the  house. Thus  in  the  evening  the  glow  is in the  feet. In  a more  abstract  but  meaningful  interpretation,  in  the  morning  we  must  put  on  a  cheerful  face, beginning  the  day  on  the  right  foot; during  the  day  we  must  wear  a  brave  heart  to  deal  with  the  business  of  the  day; in  the  evening  when  we  come  home  from  work  we  must  be  able  to  wash  our  feet, that is, let  go  off  the  day’s  activities  and  great  our family  with  a  cheerful  demeanor. Kapila  lost  the  bet  and  was  therefore  compelled  to  cut  off  his  head  according to their agreement. Before fulfilling  his  promised, however, the  unfortunate  Brahma  proclaimed:“ I  am  a  very  powerful  god. If my head  is  dropped o­n the ground, the  whole  world  will  burst  into  flames. If  my  head  is  thrown  into  the ocean, the  ocean  will dry  up  immediately. And  if  it  is  thrown  up  into  the  air, there  will  be  no  rain  for  seven  years.” To  avoid  this  catastrophe, the  god  Kapila  ordered  his  seven  draughts to  take  turns  carrying  his  head  in a  big  golden  bowl, each  for  a  period  of  one  year. So  the  Songkran  day  marked  the  occasion  when  kapila’s  head  changes  hands – and  the  year  changed  too!2       


The  Activities  On  Songkran  Festival


            In  the  morning,  people  go  to  the  temple  to make merits  by  offering  food  to  monks  and  novices, observing  the  precepts, Five or Eight  precepts  and  listening  to the  Dhamma  talk. In  the  afternoon, they  perform  the  bathing  ceremony  of  the Buddha  images  and  monks  and  novices who live  in  a  temple. During this time, the younger  people ask  blessings from the elders. This  is  known  as Water  Splashing Feast. It  might  be  said  that  the  Songkran  festival  is  the  Respected  festival  to  the  elders  or the Family  Day.

Pom doo Muay Thai wannee

Posted by Danny Baci on April 10, 2011 at 3:51 AM Comments comments (0)

One of the great things about "Sunday" in Thailand is not JUST the beach, for Muay Thai fans it's the weekly Channel 7, 3 and 9 Muay Thai fights where you can watch some of the best of the best from Thailand compete.

If your in Thailand training or fighting MT watching these high level fights can be VERY beneficial, watch how they fight, they attack, defend, the many different styles, their footwork, technique and most important watch how they WIN!!, with 90% of Muay Thai fights going the full 5 rounds learning the scoring system is a must.

I could go on forever but I have some GREAT Muay Thai fights to watch!

Whats love got to do with it?

Posted by Danny Baci on April 4, 2011 at 12:25 PM Comments comments (0)

So now that im a married man and I married into a Muslim family allot of ignorant people have made silly remarks or asked the question in a form of insult "So your a Muslim now?"......... Not that I have ANY problem with the Muslim religion or its people as many FOX news watching bigits do, I did not convert to Islam. My wife and I got married because we love eachother, love has no rules or boundries and my wife doesnt live like a Muslim. 

Though she was raised by a very strict Muslim family, and has strong feelings about her religon she doest live her life as a Muslim she's like anyother normal person and accepts anybody and everybody for what ever god they may beleive in.

She/we are not going to lie to you, blow up your house in the name of God or anything so take a second and grow up if your that closed minded, bitter, FOX news believer...... I know its hard Fox news can make to believe anything, direct your mind like a pupit and make you jump out of your seat like the worlds going to end after your done watching it.

Me im not a religious man I believe in no GOD, I think every religion has something good to share, I take whats good from all  and live my life in peace. Religion vs. Religion= thousands of years of blood shed

I do believe in  Prince Siddhartha and his spiritual journey to Enlightenment before becoming the Buddha but I disagree with how "like every relgion" they have twisted the teachings tell people how they should live through the years and keep making new rules and teachings.

I will imbrace my wifes religion and respect her families wishes for her sake, but we will continue to live our lifes as we always have and thats as best friends, lovers and soul mates with a respect and understanding of eachothers beliefs.

On another note it is WELL known that Muslim ladies treat their husbands better them any other religion, so far she has proven herself more then good enough to be my wife, and im very lucky to have her. :)

Spicy Thai eating

Posted by Danny Baci on March 28, 2011 at 9:24 AM Comments comments (0)


BREAKING NEWS..... The ball and chain

Posted by Danny Baci on March 23, 2011 at 11:04 AM Comments comments (1)

I know what your thinking.........................................

AND your RIGHT, im getting Married!!! :o

 For those that know me well or I should say knew me 2 years ago would most likey laugh and say "DANNY, getting Married, YEAH RIGHT?". But much has changed in the past year in a half, I met a LOVELY EDUCATED Thai woman that has changed my life for the better, I myself never expected to ever get hitched if fact I was a major anti-getting hitched guy before I met her.

I first met Sontana (Nee) at the Phuket spa on a Sunday off, we sparked a quick convo about common things such as "where you from, what do you do etc.", Nee told me she was a school teacher both in Thai and English and I jumped on the oppertunity to ask can you teach me Thai?, as I was just very intereested in learning and dating her didnt even cross my mind at the time.

After leaving the spa I just couldnt get her off my mind because I have never met a Thai girl that I could hold a good English convo with and she stuck out to me as a different breed of a Thai girl, that had a head on her shoulders and had a funny, friendly personality. I later LOL texted her asking about a Thai lession and snuck in a line "or perhaps dinner?...

A few days later I asked her if she would like to come watch the Muay Thai fights, she agreed but only if she could bring her lady friend as she is smart and didnt know me. After the Muay Thai fights we had a late dinner and chatted about everything under the sun, I found her to be so interesting as she could talk about and understand everything from politics to sports, career and at the same time laugh and make jokes.

But what really sold me that night was when i asked her "how old do you think I am?", (I was 29 at the time) she replys LOL uuummm 37 years old :O

We started the relationship off real slow and I kept my guard up for a long time as I'v had bad experiences in the past in the relationship world, but I will never forget the night I fell inlove with her, we were at a bar in Phuket town and she started to play the guitar and sing like a beautiful bird..... aaaahhhhh I was defenceless against the tone of her voice and how beautiful she looked that night and from there on I knew I found me a keeper.

I dont know what else to write as im HAPPY and more then ok to spend the rest of my days with this beautiful woman.


Wedding sett for April 2nd :)..... This is going to be a shocker to my family as I havent told them yet, surprise!!